Why Bostick Mediation?


“Brad recently mediated a case for me and handled it professionally and with great skill. The case settled, and both my client and I were very satisfied with Brad's efforts. I would not hestitate to recommend him for any mediation or arbitration services.” Gary Bresee, Partner Barger and Wolen

Personal Injury

“Brad was instrumental in resolving a recent case with several complex issue. I would recommend him highly."Jim Larsen, Gillian, Jacobsen, Ellis and Larsen 

“Brad is an effective mediator who works hard to get the case resolved and works well with me and my clients. Since he practices Personal Injury like me, he is knowledgeable and understands both sides of the issues.” Steven Gorski 

“Mr. Bostick has been a mediator in under a dozen cases in the past few years for my clients. He exhibits a professional demeanor, and relates to my claims representatives on the defense side. He understands the subject matter (case specific expertise in automobile accidents and personal injury ), the way insurance companies work, and the jury values of similar cases. Most importantly, he gets the case settled without wasting any time talking about himself, pontificating, or getting personal. The carriers like how fast he achieves a settlment! Mr. Bostick is very creative, and can get around roadblocks in the process. I think he pulls a rabbit out of a hat, in terms of achieving fair and reasonable settlments in difficult cases.” Debra Bogaards, Bogaards and Davis

Complex Litigation

“I am a practicing litigation attorney with over 10 years of experience. I needed an excellent mediator for a complex litigation case i was working on. Mr Bostick was recommended to me by a number of attorneys. Opposing counsel and I both agreed to hire Mr. Bostick as our mediator. He was incredibly personable, extremely intelligent and very personable. He was incredibly helpful and worked tirelessly to find a workable solution and agreement between my client and the opposing clients. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs a competent, intelligent and fantastic mediator.” Jason Jimenez 


“Mr. Bostick is one of the best mediators in the legal community. He was able to get a very difficult case resolved for me involving numerous parties. All of my clients were pleased with the results. I would highly recommend Mr. Bostick for any form of alternative dispute resolution.” Brian Sudano 

Premises Liability 

“I hereby endorse Brad Bostick as being a first rate mediator. In particular I remember how one time he managed to settle a pretty tricky premises liability case (I was defending) with some potentially thorny legal issues, some in-fighting amongst defendants and some tough emotional issues related to her injury that the plaintiff was wrestling with which could have (in a lesser mediator's hands) easily doomed settlement.” John S. Spencer 

"Brad is a superb lawyer and mediator who brings his extensive experience and skills to his mediation practice. He is extremely effective at resolving complex and difficult issues and matters. I would highly recommend him both as a lawyer and mediator.” Thomas Fraysse, Managing Partner. Knox Rickson LLP  


“Brad is the best mediator I know in Northern California. He mediated and ultimately settled a difficult employment case for me a few years back. My client and I were very satisfied with the outcome.” Neil Anapol  


"Brad: Thanks for your hard work. Your assistance was critical to our settlement." Patrick Macias, Partner. Ragghianti Freitas 



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